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Our Story

Saka Home Furniture® is a family-owned business. And that means that the same care and passion we have for our own family is sewn into the very fabric of the luxury, handcrafted furniture we create for yours. 

As a team of artists, designers, carpenters, and upholsterers with 70 years of craftsmanship experience, we are proud to serve the D.C. metro area and deliver our vision of exquisite furniture with unparalleled service and exceptional quality— above all else. Our boldly original pieces are built to last a lifetime, and we’re honored to be a small part of your story. We not only manufacture furniture, but also builds custom furniture, builds to order, offers contract manufacturing, and delivers and performs all forms of furniture restoration services including repainting, revarnishing, refinishing, reupholstering, repair, maintenance, and related repair consultation.


We are Family

Our business isn’t just family-owned—we treat it like family. So, we only sell locally to make sure we can always deliver the best service to our customers. We personally schedule and deliver our furniture and, if you have any questions, you can talk directly to our family.

Life happens—we get it. With two kids of our own, we know that sometimes juice spills or the dog’s muddy paws end up exactly where you don’t want them. So, in addition to a 30-day money-back guarantee, we make repairs a breeze, so you can keep your timeless piece looking as great as it did the day it arrived.


Our Craftsmanship

We know quality—our family’s been upholstering furniture for the last 70 years. We’ve seen what it looks and feels like when furniture is built to last, and when it’s not.

We craft our pieces with materials we know will stand the test of time, from kiln-dried hardwood frames to high-performance upholstery. And since we’re responsible for each step on every piece’s journey—design, carpentry, upholstery, service—we craft each piece like it’s for our own family.

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